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From New York to Dallas

Originating from the Big Apple, New York, we are a neighborhood gathering place that brings friends and families together over simple Italian favorites, at an honest price. Taking your taste buds on a trip to New York while remaining in Dallas, is what we do. Goodfella’s is committed to the old work of traditionally handcrafted pies, prepared with the freshest ingredients and great love! Homemade style pasta, old work style pies, fresh antipasti, and your favorite Italian comfort foods, combined with a lively atmosphere and truly genuine hospitality is what you can expect at Goodfella’s.

Not Just Another Pizza Place

Each time a person walks into Goodfellas’s, it is the goal of every staff member to not only provide lunch or dinner, but also an authentic experience. Dough tossing, pizza demonstrations, and live music are just a few ways we keep a lively atmosphere for all the guests.

Let’s be honest, there are literally hundreds of pizza joints in DFW! Anybody can make a pizza, all you need is dough, sauce, and cheese, it’s basically the same concept everywhere. At Goodfella’s we do something a little extra! The pizza we create has passion, love, and a group of people that has your back! That’s what makes great pizza!

How you doin? NICE!